Functional Writing assignment

2012 Text 3 Question B

Your school’s Student Council is currently discussing the issue of school outings, educational trips,theatre visits, etc. Write a persuasive article for your school website supporting or opposing such events.


The Personal Essay

  • The last sporting event you attended
  • The last book you read that made an impact on you
  • The last video game you became really absorbed in
  • The last concert you really enjoyed attending
  • The last movie you rated highly
  • The last song or album you downloaded

Pick one of the items above. Write one paragraph describing your experience and then one paragraph reflecting on it.

2011 Paper One Text 1 Question B

Places one has never visited often hold a certain mystery or fascination. Write a feature article for a travel magazine about a place you have never been to but would like to visit. In your article explain what you find fascinating about this place and why you would like to go there.