To decide what questions to ask, you will have to think about the type of person being interviewed and the subject of the interview. Another key factor is the audience (as always) so the interview must be pitched in that particular style-think carefully about this, you want to interest your audience in aspects of a person’s life and this takes some imagination and originality. The interviewer wants to discover something new or interesting about the interviewee- to offer a previously undisclosed insight and not the same thing over again.

However, most interviewers will think about 3 general areas to steer their interview:

Their Past Questions about childhood, where they grew up, significant events/influences, scandals that they may have been involved in- their side of the story.

Their Present Current project they are working on. What they enjoy/dislike about their current job, family life, etc. recent successes and failures

Their Future Where they see themselves in the future, how will their career path change?, how can they realise their dreams?, what are their dreams?… etc.

Come up with a list of questions.

Tone – informal, you write as you would speak – this is after all a conversation..

Answers should obviously be much longer than the questions. We do not wan’t to find out about the interviewer.