King Lear Assignment

‘In King Lear the Villainous characters hold more fascination for the audience than the virtuous ones’

Discuss this statement with reference to at least one villainous and one virtuous character. Support your answer with suitable reference to the text.

Due Monday 25th Nov

2007 Sylvia Plath Essay- Assignment

4. “The poetry of Sylvia Plath is intense, deeply personal, and quite disturbing.”

Do you agree with this assessment of her poetry? Write a response,
supporting your points with the aid of suitable reference to the poems you have studied

Macbeth Essay questions (Class prep)

1975: “In Macbeth, Shakespeare does not present Macbeth as a mere villain, but succeeds in arousing a measure of sympathy for him.”


Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are fired “by the same passion of ambition; and to a considerable extent they are alike” (A.C. Bradley). Do you agree with this statement?


Describe the role and function of the character of Banquo.


1983: “The Witches in Macbeth are malevolent creatures who originate deeds of blood and have power over the soul.”