Bishop 2013- Due 17th December

“Bishop’s carefully judged use of language aids the reader to uncover the intensity of feeling in her poetry.”

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the above statement? Support youranswer with reference to the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop on your course.

Gatsby Essay

“Although the wealthy characters in The Great Gatsby appear to have it all, not a single one of them seems happy”.


Hopkins Assignment

‘The poems of Hopkins alternate between gladness and dejection.’
To what extent would you agree with this assessment of the poems of Hopkins studied by you? Support your points by suitable quotation.

Text 2- A Connected World

2017 paper 1 text 2 Q 3.

(iii)     “Professor Garton Ash makes effective use of the languages of argument and persuasion to convince readers that today’s society needs more and better free speech.“ Do you agree with the above statement?  Support your answer with reference to Professor Garton Ash’s use of the languages of argument and persuasion in the above text to convince readers that today’s society needs more and better free speech. 

Assignment 23rd November

“The general vision and viewpoint is shaped by the reader’s feeling of optimism or pessimism in reading the text.”

In the light of the above statement, compare the general vision and viewpoint in at least two texts you have studied in your comparative course.

A Doll’s House- GVV

(a) Choose a key moment from one of your chosen texts and show how it influenced your understanding of the general vision and viewpoint. (in reference to A Doll’s house)

Classwork for 26th and 27th September


Write a personal essay in which you reflect on the “useless clutter” that is a feature of many aspects of our lives.

You are participating in a public speaking competition for second-level students. Write a speech, that can be serious or amusing or both, in which you describe what you see as the essential elements of the Irish character.
(Both titles taken from 2016 Higher Level Paper 1)