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The views people hold today are often influenced by the news and information they receive from the online world of the internet and social media.  Write an opinion piece, for publication in a national newspaper, in which you give your views on the extent to which people today rely on the online world as a source of news and information, the reliability of these sources and the impact of this development on society.   

Functional Writing assignment

2012 Text 3 Question B

Your school’s Student Council is currently discussing the issue of school outings, educational trips,theatre visits, etc. Write a persuasive article for your school website supporting or opposing such events.


2011 Paper One Text 1 Question B

Places one has never visited often hold a certain mystery or fascination. Write a feature article for a travel magazine about a place you have never been to but would like to visit. In your article explain what you find fascinating about this place and why you would like to go there.


The languauge of information so, again, be aware of the features. A proposal consitis of requesting change in standard practise or how something is carried out in an organisation. it may be a suggestion for innovation or change or an entirely new departure for an organisation.

it involves giving the state of affairs as they stand , a problem, inefficiency etc.and putting forward a solution that has been worked out in some deatil.

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Report Layout:

Reports are written in the language of information and should be clear, concise, factual and objective.

There are a number of accepted ways of doing this correctly. The most straightforward is using the method:

IFCR– Introduction, findings, conclusion, recommendations.


Explain what the report is about, why you decided to write it, how you will gather your information.


Using bullet points & statistics, make a list of your findings.


What can you conclude from what you’ve discovered above.


What changes / solutions do you suggest. One per conclusion. Be specific.

NOTE: on one occasion students were asked to write a ‘memo’. A memo is an informative document usually used in an office setting. There are many accepted formats for this so there is no absolutely correct structure. The language is usually formal, clear and direct. Click on this link for further explanation and examples HERE